Master your registers using Heimdall Rig Protect, then become Master of your inspections through the Automated App (EIT) 

  • Create and manage Daily, Frequent and Periodic Tasks for Crew and TPI's

  • Assign Users to complete Tasks and Corrective actions

  • Sync Device and Tasks overnight or on request

  • Complete Tasks using verified Register data

  • Set Standardized Corrective actions against Inspection fails

  • Create and assign checklists (Indicators) for specific critical inspections

  • Specialist Drops and EX Inspection Modules

  • Enhance using RFID technology

  • Quicker Inspections

  • Greater Accuracy of core Data

  • Verification of the completed inspection

  • Auto Updating of Inspection results to Heimdall Rig Protect

  • Pair with CERT GEN for instant Certificate generation

Heimdall Rig Protect App: Equipment Inspection Tool (EIT)

Heimdall Rig Protect is one of the systems produced and marketed by

EVLED Solutions Ltd - UK 

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