• Mark Marfel

Drops Safety slings have appeared all over the rig - this infestation of wire slings and nets was brought to us by the use of one particular bit of kit.. I give you the Beam clamp - A device used to mount items in places where no holes can be drilled and therefore no good fixings (secondary retention) can be fitted... which is why we add 'secondary retention' in the form of slings... If you can Drill a hole then do it! and secure your equipment correctly.. DO NOT fit a safety sling to a beam clamp and DO NOT assume items are safe just because they have a safety sling. 

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  • Mark Marfel

GOOD NEWS! Heimdall Rig Protect has been introduced to meet the challenges of Rig compliance. Heimdall is based on operational experience from rigs, rig managers and operation managers to provide a system that is easy to use, powerful - and helpful.

Compliance is not an option, it is a requirement. Heimdall Rig Protect is here to help.

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