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Welcome to Heimdall ACT

Heimdall Mission:

Provide an all in one solution for Inspection Verification, Asset Compliance and tracking that has no limits:

  • Unlimited Users

  • Unique instance/Code, no limit to customisation

  • No limits to equipment tracked (Track everything from bolts to capital assets

  • Track all movements between company sites and third party sites

  • Multi level user interface including third parties

  • Digitisation of Asset Integrity Data and inspections including EX, DROPS, NDT and Critical measurements

  • One Price, No 'Modules' No User fees.

  • Full Administration and management service, don't overload your team.


Asset Compliance,

AIMS systems

Inspection Verification, Auditing




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Welcome to Heimdall ACT

Your journey of compliance continues here, become a committed to compliance enterprise and take your ability to enhance operational compliance management to the next level, ACT now on compliance.

Ben Delve 'Heimdall' Lead Technical Auditor

HEIMDALL ACT Asset Compliance Tool

ACT - Asset Compliance tool - ACT Now

What is Heimdall ACT?:

  • Software platform for all Asset compliance needs 

Key Benefits to using an Asset Compliance tool:

  • Transparency and Dashboard summary of all assets being tracked

  • Single point of truth (Reduce individual Excel docs and hidden data)

  • Certification management, storage and sharing - Never lose a certificate again - Find all your documents quickly and easily

  • Standards and Compliance requirement matrix management 

  • Conduct General Asset management duties, with the added bonus of certificates and compliance data transfer

  • Free-up operational managers from tedious paperwork and utilize them to improve operations and revenue

Heimdall Unique elements:

  • Administrator and management support, partnership in compliance - Your team does not need to do the initial Data cleanse and entry

  • An open framework to reduce coding needs (develop your own matrix and process)

  • Fast Development of Unique, Relevant, interfaced Process and workflows in line with your business needs 

  • Single tenant instance, customise the product to your needs, no multi tenant considerations

  • Third Party Verification and Improved performance and Inspections through the use of Heimdall generated work scopes and task tracking and verification - Increase certificate accuracy and compliance

  • Specialist Inspection and format development (Heimdall Rig Protect: Drops, EX and Tubular Data points and Inspection tools for Third Parties and rig crews)

Who can/should use Heimdall?

  • Any Enterprise needing to manage multiple compliance points over multiple assets, including:

    • Energy Industry​

    • Drilling Rig Contractors and operators (Heimdall Rig Protect)

    • Fleet managers

    • Housing Stock owners

    • Healthcare institutions

Are you Compliant (Tick box) or Committed to Compliance? ​ The subject of compliance is an interesting one and is commonly misunderstood and rarely verified fully or tracked competently (maybe that isn’t possible in our industry yet?) . True compliance is made up of several ‘pillars’ (to quote a competency reference)   Standards: are the starting point, API and relevant flag/international standards are a great starting point to build the internal matrix (don’t forget to review and update at least annually)   Technical: details around each standard, oem reference and usually make up the SOPs and work instructions – the technical compliance points for each standard (being mindful of the applicable version) which will include the technical specs of materials,  installation, maintenance and inspection along with Competence of crew and vendors – to be verified and monitored as part of a quality/auditing plan and   Asset list and Evidence: Accurate equipment registers and details and Certification requirements – Are all equipment maintained and inspected? Or just some? are the certificates and contents received compliant, rectification work tracking and sign off.   Systems and process (including Auditing as compliance is evidence based) are key to managing this, historically done in excel, compliance software is becoming a key project across housing stock operators – easily bought in but suffer sustainability issues, compliance managers must be prepared to conduct large amounts of system and document administration. Some companies are trying to develop existing software to track / report on compliance    Managing and administering compliance is a critical role this protects the workforce, the board, and the client from legislative and HSE issues, an early warning system when run well and a great auditing support tool when needed. Annual reviews and alignment / cleansing are important to maintain the systems.   Asset Compliance tools like Heimdall Rig Protect have been designed with the above in mind, not your usual CMMS/ERP where compliance is secondary.

Heimdall for Asset Integrity management
Heimdall - Verify and Assure
Cloud based Asset and Maintenance management, compliance solution
Heimdall Rig Protect Features:
  • Specifically designed for the Energy Industry
  • No User fees, one licence for all users and all modules
  • Option: Fully administered by Heimdall personnel
  • Drops management and inspection
  • EX ATEX management and inspection
  • Tubular Inventory and use management
  • Asset Integrity data models and trend warnings
  • Customisable Interactive P&IDs
  • Engine Manager and Hours based tasks
  • PDF Reporting and certificate generation
  • Digital Signatures
  • Task management 
  • Maintenance workflow
  • Inspection workflow
  • Corrective actions and rectifications management
  • Spare parts inventory management and min/max
  • Safety, operational, environmental and client criticality
  • Asset Integrity Min/Max and warnings
  • Comprehensive compliance Frameworks ensuring accuracy and consistency

New Features in Rig Protect:

Recent Updates Q4 2022:

  • Tubular Management widget

  • Certificate Verification workflow and checklist

  • Digital Signatures

Recent Updates Q1 2023:

  • Automatic user task completion - updates

  • Automatic COS creation with Task


Heimdall Process

Heimdall manages the entire workflow from procedure development to creating digital reports from on rig maintenance and Inspection activities ensuring all items are captured and  compliant with policies and regulations


Unique Service Experience

Heimdall is not just a software – it is a team and a process – Heimdall administrators support you every step of the way and remotely (onsite option) monitor and administer you data

Administrators and technicians can work with you to Enter your Data and Plan your required inspections, we are also integrity specialists offering you insights utilising the Data within Heimdall, Some of these insights can include: 

  • Purchasing advice on equipment type and quality based on In service and rejection data

  • Wear rate and future replacement dates

  • Handling and operational issue per site based on CA data

Fast Implementation

Initial Data gathering, auditing and Data entry is completed by Heimdall Technicians and Administrators - Limited work load on crew, no waiting for results

Online and Onsite Support

Technical and management help desk, Data entry administration

Technical Auditors available for Rig Site audits and Training


Heimdall Technicians and Administrators view every Certificate - with knowledge and experience enough to pick up on potential inspection and compliance issues



Heimdall offers Audit and Consultancy services across a number of sectors and standards:

  • Asset Management ISO 55000:2014

  • Management Systems ISO 9001

  • Health and Safety ISO 45001:2018

  • Drilling Equipment APIQ1, Q2 + others

  • Competence Development and assessments (Comaea)

  • Dropped Object management Drops - Global specialists in Drops managemnet and auditing

  • EX Management

  • Data cleanse and entry

  • Software development and interface


  • Drilling Oil and Gas

  • Refining and Petrochemicals

  • Training 

  • Housing stock

  • Waste Management

  • Fleet Management

  • Training and competence management 

Client Feedback

The Value and Advantages of Heimdall are often instantly realized after reviewing the Asset Compliance dashboard, 'a desktop audit in seconds rather than days'

"Collating all maintenance, Inspection, drops, EX and document control in one location has made Data analysis so much simpler"

Development requests have been turned round quicker than any software we have ever used, soemtimes within 24hrs of the conversation

“Planning Well control re-certification and optimizing the use of certified but not installed equipment has greatly reduced expenditure”

Operational Excellence manager Global Contractor


Ready to discuss your journey

We welcome the opportunity to discuss compliance needs and engineer solutions together

Tel: UK +44 7534778566

Norwich Norfolk United Kingdom

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