HEIMDALL Rig Compliance and Audit tool
Enhanced Asset maintenance and Integrity management
Third Party verification and assurance 

Centralised management of Rig assets and compliance
The Industry is facing challenging times with uncertain outlooks, companies need to develop strategies that enable cost effective and efficient stacking and activation as the Industry recovers.

Availability and Visibility of Critical data and evidence documents is key to optimising asset utilization, controlling costs and ensuring swift re-activation in line with required standards.

Heimdall rig protect validation:
•Instant visualisation and evidence of your rigs verified compliance 
•Track, plan, manage, analyse and summarize equipment and integrity inspections
•Paperless rig: documents, data and work flows digitized and interfaced with all approved parties

Heimdall: Developed by Rig Crew

for operational success

Heimdall manages the entire workflow from procedure development to creating digital reports from on rig maintenance and Inspection activities ensuring all items are captured and  compliant with policies and regulations

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Heimdall Rig Protect Software

Protect against compliance issues and shut downs by compiling and tracking registers and documents in one effective, visible and sustainable system

You are experts in Drilling and Rig Management; Why not use our experience and expertise in asset management and Compliance

Right Inspection, Right time:

  • Manage Third Party work scopes and certification to increase accuracy and reduce certificate delay

  • Do not repeat inspections and waste money and time

  • Do not miss essential Inspections - Heimdall notifies when tasks are expiring

  1. Discover fleet and asset compliance level and create Standardized Registers based on industry regulation and your experience

  2. Customize the Heimdall built-in Frameworks and create your live management systems for use on site.

  3. Never lose a certificate again - Find all your documents quickly and easily Online and Offline through Heimdall sync

  4. Summary and management Dashboard – know your compliance is good before the audit

  5. Free-up critical rig crew from tedious paperwork and utilize them to improve operations and revenue

  6. Improve Third Party and rig crew Inspections through the use of Heimdall generated work scopes

  7. Specialist Drops and EX Data points and Inspection tools for Third Parties and rig crews

  8. Master the Inspection cycle – free yourself from the pains of multiple systems, varying standards and certificate management

  9. Track Personnel Certification, Vehicles and much more through the open frameworks.


Providing a Service

Rig Protect is not just a software – it is a process – Heimdall Experts set up, support and manage your frameworks. 

Administrators and technicians can work with you to Enter your Data and Plan your required inspections

Fast Implementation

Initial Data gathering, auditing and Data entry is completed by Heimdall Technicians and Administrators - Limited work load on crew, no waiting for results

Online and Onsite Support

Technical and management help desk, Data entry administration

Technical Auditors available for Rig Site audits and Training


Heimdall Technicians and Administrators view every Certificate - with knowledge and experience enough to pick up on potential inspection and compliance issues


What People are Saying

The Value and Advantages of Heimdall Rig Protect are often instantly realized after reviewing the Heimdall dashboard, 

'a desktop audit in seconds rather than days'

"Collating all maintenance, Inspection, drops, EX and docuemnt control in one location has made Data analysis so much simpler"

"Building Tender packs has never been so easy"

Operations Manager Global Contractor

“Planning Well control re-certification and optimizing the use of certified but not installed equipment has greatly reduced expenditure”

Operational Excellence manager Global Contractor


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