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Tubular Inventory management

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Tubular inventory analysis, it is all in the Data (Clean, aligned data), interface with third parties and tally systems to compress and focus, enabling decision making on advanced data collection and categorisation.

The Heimdall team are currently developing a series of dashboards for a client, pulling data from several inspections including third party PDF/Excel docs and a rig tally software, managing the duplications and serial number miss-match is a real issue for equipment like Tubulars or lifting gear. Crew and Third parties fail to accurately record a percentage of serial numbers and a complete picture of the rig and fleet tubular inventory is difficult to create.

A Simple solution is Interfacing your (and your third party) inspection apps with a primary database (audited and managed internally) ensures what you get back from the field is aligned to your data collection systems and allow you to progress automated analysis.

Initial analysis from the new dashboard advised the client of three issues:

1, Two rigs in the fleet suffered from elevated levels of pin end corrosion, a root cause analysis highlighted the rigs in question hosed down the pipes during fig floor operations with no protectors or drainage, allowing corrosion to set in.

2, One rig has elevated level of thread and seal damage, a handling review is currently on going

3, Hard band and ID Coating wear is standard / even across all rigs giving us an average number for budgeting.

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